About WESM
  • Mandated under Sec. 30 of R.A.9136 (EPIRA) for:
    • Transparency
    • Price Reasonableness
    • Free and Fair Competition
    • Full Public Accountability
    • Efficiency
Philippine Electricity Market Corporation
  • a non-stock and non-profit corporation jointly established by DOE and the industry stakeholders to develop and operate the WESM
Wholesale Electricity Spot Market Definition
  • Wholesale
    • Directly Connected to the Grid
    • Min. Quantities for active trading: 5 MW for Generators, 1 MW for Customers
    • Operating Voltages from 69-kV & above
  • Electricity
    • Electricity is being traded as a commodity
  • Spot
    • Trading is done in real-time or "spot"
  • Market
    • Venue (virtual) for hourly (24x7) on-line trading