Consumer Rights and Obligations
Chapter I, Article 4&5 of the Magna Carta for Residential Consumers
Basic Rights
  1. To have quality, reliable, affordable, safe and regular supply of electric power;
  2. To be accorded courteous, prompt and non-discriminatory service by the electric service provider;
  3. To be given a transparent, non-discriminatory and reasonable price of electricity consistent with the provisions of RA 9136.
  4. To be an informed electric consumer and given adequate access to information on matters affecting the electric service of the consumer concerned;
  5. To be accorded prompt and speedy resolution of complaints by both the distribution utility and/or the ERC;
  6. To know and choose the electric service retailer upon the implementation of Retail Competition; and
  7. To organize themselves as a consumer organization in the franchise area where they belong and where they are served by the distribution utility or as a network of organizations.
Basic Obligations
  1. To observe the terms of contract including, among other things, paying monthly electricity bills promptly and honestly;
  2. To allow the faithful and accurate recording of consumption to be reflected in the appropriate device;
  3. To allow the utility's employees/representatives entry/access to his premises for the purposes provided for in Article 29 hereof;
  4. To take proper care of metering or other equipment that the electric utility has installed in his premises;
  5. To inform the distribution utility and/or proper authorities of any theft or pilferage of electricity or any damage caused by any person to the electric meter and equipment appurtenant thereto; and
  6. To cooperate with and support programs on the wise and efficient use of electricity.