"A Strong and Dynamic Electric Distribution Utility run by dedicated workforce serving consumers with efficient and quality service and responsive to the demands of the new industry environment."
"To provide efficient, reliable affordable and quality electric service to member-consumers sustaining its viability beyond total electrification"
  • God-centered
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Discipline
  • Courtesy
  • Cooperation
  • Commitment
SORECO I was the child of the basic government policy for electric power development that was initiated by former Governor Augusto G. Ortiz, wherein he created on March, 1971 an eight-man Provincial Electric Cooperative Team. This team attended a training-seminar in Los Baņos, Laguna and upon their return recommended for the collection, collation and preparation of requirements. All through-out that year, the team gathered, prepared and submitted the following: project base data, three (3) study area calculation sheets, maps, feasibility and engineering studies, site recommendation, waivers from electric service operators and large load calculation sheet. In January, 1973 the 1st DECs for the eight (8) municipalities were organized with the Chairpersons automatically serving the BOD-Incorporators of SORECO, said BOD was formally organized in January 13, 1973 and they were composed of the following:
1) Engr. Admirado G. Luzuriaga - President
2) Retired Judge Mayorico F. Gallanosa - Vice President
3) Rev. Fr. Salvador R. Albuero - Secretary
4) Dr. Macario Demate, Jr. - Treasurer
5) Mr. Valerio C. Gamis - Director
6) Engr. Jose G. Ortiz - Director
7) Mr. Jose E. Torrella - Director
8) Mr. Sindulfo R. Realo - Director
In the 1st BOD meeting on January 17, 1973, it was unanimously passed that Irosin should be the site for the main headquarters for the DU being centrally located with-in the coverage area. It was also on the said meeting that SORECO application for registration and incorporation with NEA was approved. On February 13, 1973 the loan signing between SORECO and NEA was affected with BOD-President Luzuriaga and Ret. Gen. Ceferino S. Careon as signatories, with Governor Juan G. Frivaldo and the mayors of the eight (8) municipalities as witnesses. The BOD-Treasurer was designated as acting General Manager thru BOD Resolution No.17 Series 73, dated February 24. On July 28, 1973 the BOD thru a resolution appointed Mr. Medardo G. Futalan, Sr. as the GM who was elected thru viva-voce. The official seal and the SORECO acronym were passed through BOD Resolution No. 18, Series 1974. The Provisional Certificate of Franchise and the Certificate of Franchise was approved on June 22, 1977 and August 22, 1979, respectively.
The earliest electrical operation of the DU was the operation of the acquired electric plant in Irosin in 1974 and followed by the operation of Bulan and Casiguran electric plants in 1975. Construction of the backbone system and the main headquarter was also started in 1975 and in 1979 the earliest construction of lateral lines were made in Batang and Gabao in Irosin, Gate, San Ramon, Otavi and Butag in Bulan, Boton in Casiguran and Guruyan and Taboc in Juban. Barangays Monbon and Gulang-gulang in Irosin were the rural areas first energized together with the Irosin District Hospital. The first sub-station is the Takaoka that was erected in the land purchased by SORECO in Sta. Teresita, Bulan and said equipment was transported by the DU from Balintawak in Quezon City to the project site.
After GM Futalan retired, the BOD President Engr. Luzuriaga became the 2nd GM, followed by Engr. Vicente Sia, who had also been a SORECO I employee and the present GM in the person of Mr. Roberto F. Fortes who had served as Finance Manager of the DU.